Improving Efficiencies and Reducing Dispensing Errors

Reducing Dispensing Errors

According to studies, more than 20 percent of North Americans are 55 years or older and this growing segment of the population accounts for more than 40 percent of all prescriptions dispensed. With the existing shortage of pharmacists, as prescription volumes grow pharmacists will be forced to fill more prescriptions in less time. How can we improve output, productivity, and efficiency without the increased workload leading to increases in dispensing errors? This seminar--known to its audiences as the "Who Wants to be a Pharmacist?" game-- addresses these problems and proposes solutions to make the practice of pharmacy more efficient without sacrificing dispensing accuracy or patient care.


"I loved the 'Who wants to be a pharmacist' game!", time just flew."    •   "This was a great presentation."    •   "An excellent presentation--best of whole (NACDS) conference."    •   "A very informative presentation."    •   "Program was excellent."    •   "Wayne presented very well and it is a treat to attend a course that isn't all based on drug products."    •   "Wayne's teaching method was very entertaining and easy to follow."    •   "Best of show" (American Pharmaceutical Association)

A videotape of this presentation is available from the Efficient Pharmacy Institute.

An audio-only version is available from (from NACDS 2002 Pharmacy & Technology Conference).

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