The Past, Present and Future of Pharmacy Design

Past, Present and Future of Pharmacy Design

The design of North American dispensaries has seen only a few significant changes in the past 25 years. This session will explore how current and upcoming changes in pharmacy practice (regulated technicians, advancement of patient-focused medication therapy services, injections, immunizations, minor ailment management, etc.) and advancements in pharmacy technology (in-store, centralized and in-home) will impact pharmacy design in the coming 5-years. It is widely acknowledged that the expanding role of community pharmacy within the Canadian healthcare system will require changes in education, definitions of roles and responsibilities, and access to technology. Not widely discussed is the equally important role of the physical layout of the dispensary and adjacent consulting and treatment rooms. “Form follows function” dictates that as the “functions” of our pharmacies (and pharmacists) evolve, so too must the “form” of our pharmacies.

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