Differentiate Yourself from the Other Independents

Differentiate Yourself from the Other Independents


Pharmacists who work with architects, engineers or interior designers to plan their dispensaries usually end up with inefficient disasters.

Pharmacists who work with fixture firms to design their dispensaries get layouts that cater to the fixtures instead of the needs of the pharmacy.

Caverly Pharmacy Solutions has developed a comprehensive expertise in designing pharmacies, and only pharmacies, since 1984.

We meet with your management and staff to understand your short-term needs and long-term goals and then supply you with the plans to achieve a safe and efficient workspace that will address your specific objectives.

Fixtures & Millwork

Pharmacy is a rapidly changing business. As a result, practice changes are often essential, and these necessitate design changes. Most fixtures and millwork are static, requiring costly renovations to modify. Uniweb fixtures provide ultimate flexibility, allowing pharmacy staff to rearrange under-counter and above-counter items (shelving, vial drawers, printer pulls) without the need for tools. Built in electrical outlets and quick connect wiring allow for entire sections to be relocated, often without the need to bring in an electrician.


When you’re evaluating technology and considering purchases that may cost many hundreds of thousands of dollars, you need to get it right the first time.

Who do you trust to inform you which technologies best fit your needs, at all levels of dispensing volumes? You can either turn to the automation firms, who will tell you it’s their product you need, or you can hire an independent consultant recognized as one of the experts in the field.