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Uniweb Variety Panels provide you with more product facings and more profit

variety panels 01If you can’t get enough product on your shelves, or the products are too far back for proper merchandising, consider using Uniweb variety panels to Create New Space.

variety panels 02

Panels can be attached to any existing front shop fixture (Lozier, VIC, Boni, Streater, etc.) in a number of ways including: Replacing the existing back panel; Attached directly to the existing fixture’s uprights; Extended out from the existing back panel to any depth required.

Uniweb is made from 24-guage cold-rolled steel and has continuous 1” horizontal channels with no upright interruptions (allowing hooks and shelves to be placed over two panel seams). This can improve your product facings by 17% or more and because they’re all-steel they won’t ever rip or tear like peg board.

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