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High Efficiency Filling Table (HEFT)

One of the pioneers of Canadian pharmacy design was L. Douglas Schoening. Before his passing, Doug was working on a new concept in pharmacy filling counters. He envisioned a glass top counter that would hold almost all the pharmacy’s stock bottles and unit of use items directly in front of the filling technicians. One of Doug’s apprentices spent the next 10 years developing this idea and released it in the pharmacies he was building in Quebec. Caverly Pharmacy Solutions are now proud to offer this new concept in pharmacy stock storage to the rest of Canada’s pharmacies.


5-foot section:

Recommended for pharmacies filling less than 200 Rx/day.

7.5-foot section: (standard size):

Recommended for pharmacies filling 200 – 250 Rx/day.

10-foot section:

Recommended for pharmacies filling 250 or more Rx/day.

The top shelf holds 45 products; shelf behind counter-top holds another 45; two pull out drawers underneath the vial drawers hold 60 products each and the lower drawer holds an additional 60 products.

270 products in each 30" wide section!

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