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Rx-Recon : Electronic Reconstitution Unit

Rx-Recon : Electronic Reconstitution Unit

A Revolutionary New Tool to Improve Customer Service
With Rx Recon, discover efficiency and precision at your fingertips while offering quality service to your customers.


Reduce potential medication errors

  • Ensure only pharmacy grade water is used at all times
  • Ensure the correct amount of water is used on all prescriptions

Save time

  • Eliminate the need to manually manipulate and measure water from bulky, messy containers.

Transfer reconstitution duties to technicians

  • Provide your pharmacists with peace-of-mind that all reconstitutions are prepared accurately, leaving them time for more professional duties.

Improve customer service

  • Faster prescription processing and proper task allocation reduces patient wait times.

Rxecon is an inexpensive, easy to use, fully automated water dispenser for reconstituting medications.  Simply scan the stock bottle's UPC bar code to receive the correct quantity of pharmacy grade water, in 2 batches to allow for proper mixing.

Easy installation

  • Can be placed anywhere in the pharmacy in minutes.

No mess

  • Pharmacy grade water is stored in the system so there are no leaks and no messy reverse osmosis water filtration systems to deal with.

No ongoing costs

  • No batteries or expensive filters to replace.

Easy to use

  • New products can be entered in seconds.
  • Keypad can be used for one-time products.