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Jean Coutu Group Fills Prescriptions Faster

jean coutu logoThe Jean Coutu Group recently announced a new service that allows patients to get their prescriptions filled even faster.

Now, when patients receive a prescription from the doctor, they can send it to the pharmacy via their health record on the Jean Coutu mobile app and have the script waiting for them when they arrive at the pharmacy.

“Today, time is of the essence; this simple and convenient service will help patients and pharmacists maximize their time and focus on the release of treatment information when patients come and get their medications,” said Richard Mayrand, Senior Vice President, Pharmacy and Governmental Affairs at the Jean Coutu Group, in the March 30 announcement.

The Jean Coutu app, available in iOS and Android versions, is a way to make a patient or family’s prescription record accessible from anywhere.

In addition to the new prescription image transmission, other mobile features include: the ability to submit requests for prescription renewals for one or several family members; be notified via email or text when prescriptions are ready for pick-up; access and/or share the Family Health Record prescription list and scan a prescription label to order a renewal.

“I like this new app but this isn’t where we need to be”, says Wayne Caverly of Caverly Pharmacy Solutions. “We need to be using physician order entry where prescriptions are relayed digitally from the physician to pharmacy. This will eliminate errors associated with pharmacists deciphering the scribbles of physicians. The U.S. is way ahead of us in this and we need to catch up quickly!”