Technology Financing: Considering the Options

by Will Lockwood

Ann Steve Hunter 1Pharmacy owners share how the options available to finance a major technology investment let them move forward more quickly to make business decisions.

It’s natural to consider financing a big expenditure, which in pharmacy might mean a big piece of technology hardware or a significant store remodel. But when it comes to smaller-scale investments, with price tags well short of six figures, financing may not be at the front of many pharmacy owners’ minds.

However, whether you are looking at getting that one piece of technology in sooner than an outright cash purchase might allow, as was the case for Ann Hunter, B.S.N., co-owner of Hunter Pharmacy in Connellsville, Pa., with her husband Steve Hunter, R.Ph., or being smart about how you use your cash when outfitting multiple locations, as was the case for Jeff Harrell, Pharm.D., co-owner of Peninsula Pharmacies with six locations in Washington state, owners can find a great deal of value in financing across a wide range of investment levels.

Getting an Immediate Impact

Financing came into play at both pharmacies when the owners made the decision to install Kirby Lester tabletop counting technology and were looking for the best way to get the benefits of the technology right away without breaking the bank.

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Caverly Pharmacy Solutions Launches New Website

Caverly Pharmacy Solutions announces new website launch

Montreal, October 15, 2015– Wayne Caverly, one of Canada’s premiere pharmacy designers and technology consultants, announced today the launch of Caverly Pharmacy Solutions’ new website,

The new website launch coincides with the inauguration of Caverly Pharmacy Solutions, which merges four of Mr. Caverly’s well-established business entities--The Caverly Consulting Group, Solutions By Design, Efficient Pharmacy Solutions and the Efficient Pharmacy Institute--under a single banner.

“We’re delighted to launch this new website, which clearly sets out our range of pharmacy expertise in pharmacy design, technology and fixtures, and streamlines the browsing experience for our clients, whether they are pharmacy independents, chains or designers,” Mr. Caverly said. “The site has also been constructed to provide us with a forum to address the latest advancements in pharmacy technology and design. We look forward to sharing our ideas and expertise with both present and prospective clients, and to helping them maximize the potential of their dispensaries.”

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Do You See What your Patients See When They Visit your Pharmacy?

look at your pharmacy through new eyes

“We’re a pharmacy in a 1930s grocery store that has been a drugstore for a long time, but hasn’t seen any serious updating since the 1970s,” explains managing partner Glen Booker.

The location, north of the city’s downtown on 33rd Street West, serves a walk-in clientele and a growing methadone business, and fulfills a contract for the Athabasca Health Authority. On some days before the renos, the single intake line for methadone and regular prescriptions stretched back through the store and out the front door. In the dispensary, staff were crammed for space, and operational efficiency was suffering.

So, with the help of Wayne Caverly of Caverly Consulting, the store launched an extensive overhaul two years ago to meet the needs of its customers and their pharmacy team. And, more importantly, both Caverly and Booker looked at the changes from the perspective of the customers and patients.

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