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Wayne Caverly Announces Launch of Caverly Pharmacy Solutions

Caverly Pharmacy Solutions announces new website launch

Wayne Caverly, one of Canada’s premiere pharmacy designers and consultants, announced today the launch of Caverly Pharmacy Solutions.

Caverly Pharmacy Solutions will be merging four of Mr. Caverly’s well-established business entities -- The Caverly Consulting Group, Solutions By Design, Efficient Pharmacy Solutions and the Efficient Pharmacy Institute -- under a single banner. Mr. Caverly has been a pioneer in pharmacy design and dispensary automation since 1984.

“By consolidating all of our consulting, design, technology and educational companies under Caverly Pharmacy Solutions, we will be able to offer both new and existing clientele an efficient, single-source outlet for a full range of pharmacy services,” Mr. Caverly said. “Our overarching objective is to provide pharmacies from across Canada with leading-edge technologies and superior pharmacy designs which will help them maximize efficiencies and patient care.”

Caverly Pharmacy Solutions has also launched its new website, at www.caverlypharmacysolutions.com.

About Caverly Pharmacy Solutions

Caverly Pharmacy Solutions offers a broad range of services and solutions designed to address the needs of Canadian pharmacies. These include efficient pharmacy designs for retail, institutional, specialty and mail order pharmacies; technology solutions for retail, institutional, mail order and central fill pharmacies; dispensary automation analysis and simulation software; and educational seminars and articles on issues of pharmacy design, automation and re-engineering.  Wayne M. Caverly has been on the forefront of pharmacy design and dispensary automation since 1984.