Selecting the Right Technology: Increasing Safety, Efficiency and Success

The knowledge Wayne gained from 15 years running Canada’s top pharmacy technology firm and 4 years as the firm’s North American trouble shooter is now available to your pharmacy. In addition to representing the technologies listed below, Caverly Pharmacy Solutions can provide you with an analysis of any other technologies you might be considering.

Leading Edge Visual Will Call Pickup System


Wasting too much time searching will call? P-link is a wireless, visual will call pickup system designed to be used with your current pickup method. With EZ-RFID, there’s no need to change your methods--just a way to make them more efficient.

Leading Edge Automated Water Dispenser


The Rxecon automated water dispenser is the only way to ensure you’re accurately dispensing the correct liquid and quantity of liquid for your reconstitutables. A simple scan of the stock bottle bar code results in the correct amount of water being dispensed into a graduated cylinder. After a visual confirmation just empty into the bottle and shake.