Kroll integrating med sync program

Dispensing software program to incorporate Ateb Canada’s Time My Meds platform.

Written by Brett Ruffell on August 30, 2016 for

About kroll logoTwo software companies are partnering to make medication synchronization simpler for Canadian pharmacies.

Kroll will now integrate Ateb Canada’s Time My Meds solution within its dispensing and patient profile program.

It uses predictive analytics and data integration to help pharmacies harmonize patients’ prescriptions.

The companies have a long history together, with Kroll having integrated Ateb’s IVR system for about 20 years. They saw another fit with Time My Meds.

“Since there is a natural synergy between both technology companies to improve pharmacy workflow, we are excited about

the opportunity to expand our existing relationship and activate more solutions within the Kroll pharmacy software network,” stated Frank Sheppard, president and CEO of Ateb Canada, in a press release.

Med sync, where patients on multiple chronic medications have their prescription pickup dates aligned, is just getting off the ground in Canada but is widely used in the U.S.

About one million Americans use Ateb’s service alone.

Studies have shown the practice improves medication adherence, increases pharmacy revenues and improves staff productivity.

But syncing patients’ fill dates can be time consuming and complex for pharmacies to manage manually.

As a result, a booming med sync software market has emerged stateside. Now, Ateb Canada is banking on the trend spreading north.

Aside from its partnership with Kroll, the software company also announced a med sync collaboration with Rexall earlier this year—a program branded OneStopMeds.