Looking to the Future: Key Technologies Taking Chain Pharmacy to the Next Level

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Here is an interesting piece published earlier this year by Computer Talk. They surveyed U.S. chains on their pharmacy technology priorities and this article reports on the findings. Interesting they say “while compliance packaging automation for retail is not a major focus” even though “compliance packaging for LTC is very significant for their operations”. We’ve seen this for at least 2-decades: While Canadian pharmacists embraced compliance packaging automation the States tended to discount its value.

There’s quite a bit of information about the chains’ outlook for telepharmacy. A very interesting subject I lectured about at last year’s PharmacyU events (view article).

And of course there’s some discussion of how a pharmacist first approach (where the pharmacist[s] greet the patients and do counseling “up front” while technicians fill) can help improve adherence. This is an approach that impacts the design and workflow in the pharmacy to a great degree. Caverly Pharmacy Solutions are working with a few clients right now on new pharmacies that will use this approach and we look forward to sharing those designs with you in 2016. Wayne Caverly.

Here is the article:

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Caverly Pharmacy Solutions places their 500th order with Uniweb

Caverly Pharmacy Solutions places their 500th order with Uniweb

Recently Caverly Pharmacy Solutions placed their 500th order for Uniweb’s space saving pharmacy fixtures. Uniweb has been installed in Canadian pharmacies from B.C. to Newfoundland and Whitehorse to Windsor Ontario.

Uniweb’s new ‘C2’ cabinets

c2 cabinet completeThe easiest way to install a locking Schedule II cabinet in your pharmacy is to use Uniweb’s new ‘C2’ cabinets.

If you already have Uniweb you simply hang it on the Uniweb shape (and screw the C2 cabinet to the Uniweb wall). No Uniweb? You can buy an inexpensive Uniweb wall panel, bay unit or even a wall mounted Welded panel and hang the C2 unit off that.

c2 cabinet with interior lightingStandard sizes (see photos) are 32” wide half cabinet (39” high x 12” deep); 2 half cabinets (useful if you want 1 cabinet for pharmacist-only access and the other for technician access); and full height cabinet (80” high x 12” deep).

As with all things Uniweb, you can order C2 cabinets in any height and width desired.

A number of locking mechanisms are available, including a keyed lock and programmable combination locks.

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