High Speed Strip Packaging

It is increasingly apparent that pharmacies and long-term care facilities will need the capability to repackage and bar code medications in unit of use form. High volume dose packagers can provide pharmacies with significant benefits, including increased efficiency and control over bar-coded drug availability.

The potential benefits of automated pharmacy systems are substantial, and the widespread adoption of the technology confirms the fact that these benefits are recognized in many practice settings.

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Out From Behind the Dispensary

Based on surveys conducted by The Pharmacy Group, which mirrors earlier research conducted at the University of Minnesota and Ohio State University, 42-46% of pharmacists’ time is spent in medication dispensing responsibilities. This may partially explain why less than half (45%) of respondents to a Pharmacy Post survey of pharmacy owners and managers said their pharmacy provides an adequate level of cognitive services, leaving 55% who felt they could be doing more. And why aren’t they doing more? Most pointed to a lack of time (61%), money (56%), pharmacists (40%), and too much time spent on non-pharmacy issues (42%) as the roadblocks preventing them from offering more services. These are all areas where the use of time-saving pharmacy technology can help.

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